Angle meter ADA AngleMeter 45

Art: A00408

Electronic angle meter ADA AngleMeter 45 is an accurate angle meter that is made of anodized aluminium. Convenient readable LCD display, ergonomic design. Convenient and easy to use. Ideal for carpentry and joinery. Use the modes of calculation of cut angles when working with trimming saw., e.g. when setting floor molding in the angles of the room. All you need is to turn on the special mode of calculation and measure  the angle of the room. AngleMeter 45 will calculate  the angle of slope and rotation of the trimming saw.  With the help of the electronic angle meter ADA AngleMeter 45 it is possible not only to measure but place the details at required angle.  For convenient operation use the mode “HOLD” - to hold results on the display and the function of the backlight.


  • Angle measurement
  • Расчет горизонтального угла распила одностороннего скоса
  • Calculation of cut angle of double bevel
  • Calculation of applied angle to the measured angle up to 180°
  • Automatic calibration

Manual (pdf)

Measuring range 0-225°
Accuracy ±0.1°
Accuracy of bubble levels 0.057 ° (1 mm/m)
Power 3V 2xAAA batteries
Working temperature -10°C .. 50°C
Shock resistance fall height on the concrete up to 1 m
Water resistance waterproof, but not water-resistant
Length 450 mm

Angle meter
Operating manual