Angle meter ADA AngleRuler 20

Angle meter ADA AngleRuler 20

Electronic angle meter ADA AngleRuler 20 is designed for angle measurement. ADA AngleRuler 20 has built-in electronic angle sensor. Data are displayed on the built-in LCD digital display. Set zero value for measuring relative angles at any position of the instrument.

Angle meter has two metallic rules. Unfold them by 180° into one line to make the ruler for distance measurement. The construction of the angle meter allows to fit it tightly to the surface. It is convenient when marking on the plane.

AngleRuler 20 is ideal for fitter’s, construction, carpenter’s and finishing works.



Technical data

Working range 0°...360°
Measurement accuracy 0,3°
Resolution 0,1°
Working temperature 0°C … +50°C
Power 3V, 1 х CR 2032




Angle meter
Operating manual