Auto level ADA RUBER-X32

Auto level ADA RUBER-X32

Auto level ADA RUBER-X32  is equipped with automatic compensator with magnetic damper. When the instrument is adjusted with circular level, mechanism of automatic compensation fixes the line of sight into the horizon.

The instrument is designed to provide stable work notwithstanding environment conditions, such as vibration and large fluctuation of temperature. Optical level has horizontal limb for angle measurement and stadia hairs of reticule can be used for distance measurements.

Auto level ADA RUBER-X32 is designed for general surveying, engineering and construction works.


Technical data

Magnification 32 х
Standard Error 1,5 mm
Objective diameter 36 mm
Min focusing distance 1 m
Compensator working range ± 15
Compensator error ± 0,3 / 1
Compensator setting accuracy ± 5
Sensitivity of circular bubble 8 / 2mm
Limb 360°
Scale minimum value
Weight 2.1 кг
Working temperature °С -25...+50




Auto level RUBER-X32,
Operating manual (rus./engl.),
Case for transportation,
Instrument for adjustment stadia hairs,
Hex-nut wrench,
Stadia plumb