Detector of humidity ADA ZHT 100 (6 in 1)

Detector of humidity  ADA ZHT 100 (6 in 1)

Detector of humidity ADA ZHT 100 (6 in 1) is equipped with a sensor that is used for measurements of parameters of storage environment and industrial warehouses. The instrument measures the humidity of environment, temperature, temperature of wet sensor and dew point.

Detector of humidity ADA ZHT 100 (6 in 1) has the backlight of the display. The instrument is easy to use and convenient in transportation.
External sensor of temperature is used for measurement of the object surface and inner temperature. These data cn be used for calculation of the dew point of the surface. The instrument has Max/Min Hold function and unit function.

It is widely used in food storage and transportation, storage of the antique, agriculture, forest industry, cattle husbandry, building inspection, in the repair of pipe network and so on. The instrument for humidity and temperature measurements is ideal for practical usage in professional activity and in everyday life.



Technical data

Measuring range:
Environmental temperature T1
10℃ … 50℃
Sensor of external T2 10℃ … 70℃
Humidity 0 … 99.9%
Temperature of external sensor ±1.5℃
Humidity ±3% (range 5%~95% at 25℃)
Humidity 0.1%
Time of accurate measurement <80s
Automatic backlight shut-off in 10s
Automatic power shut-off In  20 min (mode of automatic shut-off)
Plugged devices Sensor of ambient temperature
Power supply 1х 9V battery (6F22/6LR61)
Operating temperature 0℃ … 40℃
Dimensions 192×61×31 mm
Weight 107g (w/o battery)




Detector of humidity
External sensor of temperature
Operating manual