ADA Ground Drill 14 Reverse

Art: A00459

Ground drill with reverse function ADA Ground Drill 14 Reverse is a professional model. It is equipped with powerful engine for drilling holes of big diameter in the ground of different density. It is used for setting lamp posts, fence supports and fences, bearing posts, tree planting.

Powerful engine. ADA Ground Drill 14 Reverse is equipped with reliable 4 stroke engine, engine volume 172 cm3 and power 8HP. Such powerful engine allows to drill holes of big diameter for one pass. Easy and fast drilling.

Portability. ADA Ground Drill 14 Reverse is one of the most powerful portable ground drills for two operators. Usually ground drills with such power are set on the huge wheeled carts. It is not convenient for transportation.  ADA Ground Drill 14 Reverse is easy carried out to the place of work due to two users.

Reverse. Gear case of ground drill ADA Ground Drill 14 Reverse is equipped with reverse mechanism. It is possible to change the rotation of the auger drill with the help of such mechanism. It is very convenient when drilling with auger drills of big diameter. Reverse mechanism is an irreplaceable function when there is no possibility to lift ground together with the auger drill. It is very easy to remove the auger drill from the earth changing the direction of rotation.

Auger drills of big diameter. Powerful engine allows to set auger drills of different diameter. It depends on the type of the job. Maximum diameter of the auger drill is 600 mm. Due to such big auger drill it is very convenient to make bearing posts, plant trees and bushes.

Convenient location of operation levers allows to adjust the operating modes of the ground drill with one hand.

Engine type four-cycle, air cooling
Engine capacity, cc 172
Engine power 8 hp (5880 W) / 3,600 rpm
Fuel tank volume, L 3,6
Fuel AI-92 gasoline
Auger length, mm 800
Auger diameter, mm 600
Diameter of the drive shaft, mm 20/32
Weight, kg (no auger/with auger) 30 / 46

Motor-driven auger
Tool kit
Fuel can
Operating manual