Article AAA000


laser level for professional usage in the construction and repair

360° horizontal beam

Laser level projects 360° horizontal line. There is no need to rotate the instrument when making horizontal marking. Horizontal beam will be along the perimeter. There are four laser crosses when switching on vertical lines. It is possible to switch o? laser lines one-by-one. Just select the line that you need for a work. Laser plumb down helps to detect the dot on the ?oor.

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Motor-driven auger GroundDrill 7

Article А00232
Motor-driven auger GroundDrill 7

Motor-driven auger GroundDrill 7

Article А00232


Engine type bicyclic, air cooling
Engine capacity, cm2 71
Engine power Watt/ rpm 2400 / 8000
Fuel tank volume, l 1,2
Composite fuel (petrol /oil) 25:1
Weight with/without auger
11 / 9.5


Motor-driven auger ADA GroundDrill 7 is used to make holes for domestic purposes of various diameters: for example — holes for posts placing or pits for gardening. A screw-shaped drill or auger is the body of the unit. It is driven into rotation by means of bicyclic petrol engine. Replaceable augers are used to make holes of various diameters (similar to drills). An auger replacement is performed by means of quick-detachable connection. Dedicated extension rods help to increase depth of boring. Screw drilling has an advantage of high speed of pass, no need of auxiliary an additional works. Autonomous application and independence of electric cable length area substantial virtues of the unit equipped with a petrol engine.