ADA SHOOTER 400 laser distance meter

ADA SHOOTER 400 laser distance meter

ADA SHOOTER 400 laser distance meter belongs to a family of monocular laser rangefinders. It is a high-precision instrument for observation and measuring distances to objects located at a distance of 6 to 400 meters. In addition, it can calculate the speed of a moving object if its speed does not exceed 300 kmh.

ADA SHOOTER 400 laser rangefinder is a very lightweight and compact device. All measurement data are displayed in the eyepiece; there is a reticle displayed as a small square, a telescopic sight type crosshair used to facilitate the aiming; there is also an availability indicator, measuring mode indicator and the digital indicator for displaying results. The rangefinder control is performed with only two buttons. The first one is used for switching the device on and off, and for taking measurements. The second button is used to switch between measurement modes: speed or distance. Speed can be measured in km/h or m/s, and the distance — in yards or meters. A special indicator integrated into the sight notifies about the need to replace a low battery. To save battery, an auto-power-off function is activated if no buttons have been pressed within 20 seconds.

This rangefinder is primarily used at the hunting field. Knowing the exact distance to the target, one can calculate the corrections and adjustments and evaluate the opportunity to shoot. Using the IR laser conceals the hunter’s actions as there is no laser pointing. However, it can be used in long-distance measurements carried out for other purposes — for example, for a land survey.


Technical data

Measuring range, m 6 ... 400
Measuring speed, km/h 0 ... 300
Accuracy of distance measurement, m ±1
Accuracy of speed measurement, km/h ±5
Laser wavelength, nm 905
Zoom 6X
Angular field of view, degrees
Operating temperature, °C -20 ... +50
Battery CR 2 / 3 V
Dimensions, mm 104×72×41 мм
Weight, g 185



Laser distance meter
Wrist strap
Operating manual