Laser level ADA Combine 4V+6Dots

Art: 00480

Laser level ADA Combine 4V+6Dotsis a unique professional laser level with the moving base and combined laser fan: 6 laser dots, one horizontal and four perpendicular vertical planes. Ideal for marking and construction. It can be used in severe conditions of the construction site.

ADA Combine 4V+6Dotsprovides the possibility of projecting your choice of laser dots or lines. Laser dots are used for marking under bright light conditions. Laser dots are better to see at large distances. The laser level has 4 dots that are located in the horizontal plane and 2 dots (plumbs) in the vertical plane. It’s possible to shift the marking from the floor to ceiling with the help of plumb up. Mark the horizontal line with the dots in the horizontal plane. When you switch on the lines, the tool projects the horizontal line 140º and 4 vertical laser lines. All laser lines (vertical and horizontal) intersect at right angle (90).

Laser level ADA ULTRALiner 360 2V/4V – is a laser level for professional usage in the construction and repair. Special emitter projects 360° horizontal beam. Four emitters project additionally perpendicular vertical planes. It is ideal instrument during construction and repair works when paving tile laying or other coating, wallpapering and so on.

360° horizontal beam. Laser level projects 360° horizontal line. There is no need to rotate the instrument when making horizontal marking. Horizontal beam will be along the perimeter. There are four laser crosses when switching on vertical lines. It is possible to switch off laser lines one-by-one. Just select the line that you need for a work. Laser plumb down helps to detect the dot on the floor.

Automatic self-leveling. Automatic self-leveling when deblocking of pendulum. Locking switch has intermediate position. The pendulum is locked in the intermediate position. But it is possible to switch on laser lines. However laser lines will be projected with desired inclination. Such function is useful, e.g., when setting stairs.

Receiver mode. There is a receiver mode for outdoor operation under bright light. The range of the marking increases from 20 to 70m.

Setting on the tripod. It is possible to place ADA Combine 4V+6Dots on the tripod or attach to the wall mount due to the thread 5/8".

Shockproof housing. The whole housing of . ADA Combine 4V+6Dots is protected from all sides. Rubber parts protect the instrument against damages during falls and hits.

Manual (pdf)

Laser projection 1H 4V 6D
Working range 20 m / 70 m (with receiver)
Accuracy 0,2 mm/m
Self-leveling range ± 3°
Laser diode class 2, 635 nm, < 1 mWt
Dust/water protection IP 54
Operating temperature -10...+45 C
Power supply 4 batteries / 1.5 V
Tripod thread 5/8"

Laser level
Operating manual
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