Laser level ADA CUBE 360 Green

Art: 00470

Laser Level ADA CUBE 360 Green is the instrument with green laser beam. Green beam has good visibility in bright light. Bright laser line helps to make fast and accurate marking without the use of additional equipment.

Special emitter projects 360 horizontal beam. It is ideal instrument during construction and repair works when paving tile laying or other coating, wallpapering and so on.

Automatic self-leveling. Instrument has high accuracy.

There is a receiver mode for outdoor operation under bright light. Laser level is very compact. The bottom part and the sides of the instrument have rubber parts. For convenient attachment the thread is located at the bottom and at the back side.

Manual (pdf)

Working range/ working range with receiver, m 20/70
Accuracy, mm/m ±0,3
Compensator, ° ±4
Dust/water protection IP54
Laser class 2; 532 nm, < 1 mW
Power supply 3 /1,5V
Tripod thread 1/4
Laser projection 1 line of 360/ 2 lines
Dimensions, mm 959565
Weight, kg 0,39

Laser level
Bag for transportation
Universal mount
Operating manual
Laser glasses