Laser level ADA 2D Basic Level

Art: А00239

Laser level ADA 2D Basic Level is a modern and functional line laser level, meant for inside and outside works. The device makes:

  • one horizontal line (beam scanning angle 180°)
  • one vertical line (beam scanning angle 160°)
  • Pointing laser

Self-leveling compensator is fit with damage protection lock for transportation. If inclination angle is outranged and goes beyond the leveling range limits, the laser beam blinks and warning alarm is given.

When the compensator lock is in intermediate position, there is a possibility to trace inclined lines. For example, when stairs are constructed.

The laser level is fit with a limb 360°. Vertical beam pointing in the right direction and to the desired point is carried out with the help of micrometric screw.

Leveling feet, built in the base, will allow to adjust position of the laser level on the irregular surface when it is operated without a rack or a bar with the help of an illuminated bubble level, built in the upper part of the case.

The laser level is also fit with a low battery indicator. The control lamp lights up and warning alarm is given if battery is low.

«D» mode convert beams to the laser receiver mode — in this case you can work outside or in bright lighting, receiving the beam with a laser receiver.

Application areas of the laser level ADA 2D Basic Level: all works in leveling, furniture assembling, tiles laying, wallpaper hanging, equipment mounting. A high-quality tool for repairs and construction with manifold possibilities

Manual (pdf)

Laser projection 1Н 1V 1D
Working range 20 m / 40 m (with receiver) )
Accuracy ± 0,3 mm/m
Self-leveling range ± 3°
Laser diode class 2, 635 nm, < 1 mWt
Dust/water protection IP 54
Operating temperature -10...+45° C
Power supply 3 batteries АА / 1.5 V
Tripod thread 5/8"
  Laser level
Laser target
Laser glasses
Soft carrying case
Instruction manual