Laser level ADA 6D MAXLINER

Art: А00138

Laser level ADA 6D MAXLINER is a strong, easy to use multifunctional measuring instrument. It projects 4 vertical, 3 horizontal lines and plumb down point. Vertical and horizontal lines work together.

The instrument is equipped with magnetic compensator. When the instrument inclines more than ±3°, laser level alarms by twinkle laser lines automatically and doesn’t allow doing the measurements. Rotating fine adjustment mechanism and the limb 360° allow to find objects precisely.

The compensator automatically blocks when the instrument is switched off. It protects the compensator from vibrations during transportation.

The instrument has two working modes: indoor/outdoor.

Manual (pdf)

Laser beam 4V3H1D
Fan angle of horizontal plane 360°
Light sources 7 laser diodes 635 nm/down point 650 nm
Laser class 2, <1mW
Accuracy ±1 mm/10m
Self-leveling range ±3,5°
Working range up to 10 m, depends on illumination with receiver 40-50 m
Sensitivity of circular level 60/2mm
Power supply 3xAA batteries (1500 mA/h) or 3xAA alkaline batteries
Time of charging approx. 3 h
Time of use approx. 8 h
Tripod mount 5/8
Operating temperature -10°C...+40°C
Weight 1.35 kg.

Laser level ADA 6D Maxliner,
Aluminium case,
Laser glasses,
Rechargeable batteries,
Opearting manual