Art: 00448

Laser Lavel ADA CUBE 2-360 is a measurement equipment that will be appreciated by professional and private users due to its functions. Thanks to the special emitter the instrument projects 360 degrees horizontal beam. It is ideal instrument during construction and repair works when paving tile laying or other coating, wallpapering and so on.

Convenient marking. Laser level projects 360° horizontal line and 360° vertical line. There is no need to rotate the instrument when making horizontal marking. Just place ADA Cube 2-360 on the selected height. Horizontal beam will be along the perimeter. There is a 90° projection (laser cross) when switching on the vertical line. It is very convenient to shift dots, for example, from one wall to another. It is possible to switch off laser lines one-by-one. Just select the one line that you need for a work.

Accurate levelling. Auto self-leveling. ADA CUBE 2-360 differs in high accuracy – the error is just 0,3 mm/m.

Receiver mode. There is a receiver mode for outdoor operation under bright light. The range of the marking increases from 20 to 70m.

Two places of attachment. It is possible to place ADA CUBE 2-360 on the tripod or attach to the wall mount due to the thread 1/4". One thread is located on the back part of the instrument, another is on the bottom.

TILT operation. It is possible to incline instrument at any angle working in this mode. Just lock the pendulum setting the switch on button in the middle position. Laser beams will be projected with required inclination. This function is used, for example, when setting stair railings.

Protected housing – The whole housing of ADA CUBE 2-360 is protected from all sides. Rubber parts protect the instrument against damages during falls and hits.

Wall mounting. The metal angle bracket with magnets and 5/8″ thread allows fixing the line laser on any surface. Due to the special notch it is possible to hang the clamp on the drywall screw.

Manual (pdf)

Laser projection 1H (360) 1V(360)
Working range 20 m / 70 m (with receiver)
Accuracy 0,3 mm/m
Laser diode class 2, 635 nm, < 1 mWt
Dust/water protection IP 54
Power supply 3 batteries / 1.5 V
Tripod thread 1/4"
Dimensions 10010065 mm
Weight 0,39 kg
  Laser level
Case bag
Universal fixing