Infrared Thermometer ADA TemPro 700

Art: А00224

Pyrometers ADA TemPro — are the line of high quality pyrometers. ADA TemPro 700 is a medium temperature infrared pyrometer for industrial temperature measurements. It ensures contactless temperature measuring in the range from −50°C to +700°C with sensibility of ±1.5°C.

Infrared Thermometer ADA TemPro 700 has a sufficient optical resolution 12:1 for measuring over a distance. Pyrometer makes it possible to detect overheated places, record maximal and minimal values, average out the measured values, identify the difference between the target and the measured temperature values, record the measured values.

Infrared Thermometer ADA TemPro 700 is a compact infrared pyrometer of a gun-type. It provides highest possible comfort during application. Simple measuring is done by one «trigger» push. Laser target marker makes it possible to perform fast, accurate measurements, «to take unerring aim».

Manual (pdf)

Measuring range, °C -50...+700
Optical resolution, (D:S) 12:1
Sensibility ±1.5
Thermal resolution, °C 0.1
Thermal radiation coefficient from 0.1 to 1.0 in increments of 0.01
Response time, s 0.5
Target marker pinpoint
Spectral range, micrometer 8...14
Display illumination available
Saving of measured value at the display available
Temperature measurements memory 12
Measuring of maximal, minimal, average temperature available
Measuring of difference between maximal, minimal, average temperature available
Selection of upper and lower limit of temperature available
Operational conditions: temperature, °C/ humidity, % 0...40°C / 10-95% at 30°C
Power supply 9V (Krona)
Dimensions, mm 175×100×49
Weight, g 170

Battery 9V (Krona),
User manual,
Plasitc case