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laser level for professional usage in the construction and repair

360° horizontal beam

Laser level projects 360° horizontal line. There is no need to rotate the instrument when making horizontal marking. Horizontal beam will be along the perimeter. There are four laser crosses when switching on vertical lines. It is possible to switch o? laser lines one-by-one. Just select the line that you need for a work. Laser plumb down helps to detect the dot on the ?oor.

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Infrared Thermometer ADA TemPro-pocket

Article А00401
Infrared Thermometer ADA TemPro-pocket

Infrared Thermometer ADA TemPro-pocket

Article А00401


Measuring range -30℃ ... 250℃ (-22℉ ... 482℉)
Wave length 8 ... 14μm
Measurement accuracy ±2℃(±3.6℉) or  ±2% (When T>0℃)
± 3 ℃ ( ± 5.4 ℉ ) or   ± 2% (When T≤0℃)
Response time 500 mс
Optical resolution D:S    06:01:00
Thermal radiation coefficient 0.10-1 adjustable
Display resolution ±0.1℃
Laser wave length 630 ... 660nm
Laser power <1mW
Laser class 2
Automatic shut-off   in 15 s of inactivity
Power supply 2 CR2032 batteries
Working temperature 0℃ ... 40℃ (32℉ ... 104℉)
Working humidity 0 … 75%RH non-condensing
Dimensions 108mm×52mm×25mm
Weight 40 g


Mini Infrared thermometer ADA TemPro-pocket is a compact noncontact temperature measurer. Its size is comparable to the size of sell phone. It doesn’t take too much space. It perfect fits in the pocket. The instrument take measurements due to the Infrared technology. It is designed for temperature measurement. Use this instrument when it’s impossible to take traditional measurements (e.g. moving objects, toxic objects that are out of range or under voltage).

The results are shown on the display. The instrument has the HOLD function. Laser pointer allows to aim the instrument with high accuracy. Fast measurements, easy to use and compact during transportation. It is widely used for detecting bad contact (overheating) in the electrical connection, for checking preparation of the and its storage, temperature control of heating and freezing systems, temperature control during asphalt laying and so on. Variable coefficient of heat emission for different materials allows to get accurate results. Application: construction, electrical energy industry, housing services, food facility.


  • Automatic shut-off
  • Big easy to read numbers on the LCD display
  • HOLD function of last result
  • Temperature indication in °C and F
  • Variable coefficient of heat emission
  • Low battery indicator



Infrared thermometer
Operating manual


Infrared thermometer
Operating manual