Electronic theodolite ADA DigiTeo 10

Art: А00228

Electronic theodolite ADA DigiTeo 10 is equipped with an electronic readout and a display.

Method of measuring: incremental photoelectrical code limb.

Now it is very easy to set horizontal angle for zero. You need just to push the button «OSET» and hold it for one second. Initial setting of vertical angle for zero is done by easy rotating of a telescope through horizontal plane, so there is no need in presence of vertical circle level. Method of measuring: incremental photoelectrical code limb.

Big matrix two-line liquid-crystal display can represent vertical and horizontal angles simultaneously, and an embedded illuminating system allows to work under conditions of low brightness. An laser plummet serves for accurate positioning of theodolite.

Manual (pdf)

Accuracy (root-mean-square error), 10
Image positive
Magnification, х 30x
Shortest visual range, m 1,3
Aperture, mm 45
Visual field angle 1°30′
Method of measuring incremental photoelectrical limb
Horizontal limb reading method double-sided
Vertical limb reading method single-sided
Display LCD two-sided
Power supply 6V rechargeable accumulator Ni-H
Working time, h 20
Dampproofness IP66
Weight , kg 4,9

Electronic theodolite,
Case for transportation,
Adjustment pin,
Cleaning flannel-cloth,
Operating manual