Elevating tripod ADA Elevation 16

Art: А00185

Elevating tripod for laser levels and crossliners, 1.66 m ADA Elevation 16.  Heavy telescopic tripod for laser levels and crossliners with screws. Weight – 5.5 kg

There is no need to turn the instrument to put in on the tripod.

The instrument could be put on tripod and fixed with special screw inside the head.
Elevating tripod is produced from aluminium and steel.
Regulated column allows moving up and down the instruments for exact measurements.

Tripod weight 5.5 кг.
Assembled sizes 93 cm.
Maximum height 166 cm.
Dimensions in box 97-20-20 cm.
Stand screw 5/8”
Application Laser levels, crossliners, heavy instruments
Mounting way Screws
Outside/Inside head diameter 11,5 cm.

Elevating tripod,
Colored box