Article A00388

Article A00388


Length 1000 mm
Accuracy 0,5  mm/ m (0,029 °)
Quantity of bubble levels 3



Spirit level  ADA TITAN 1000 is made of hard strong aluminum shape with two milled working surfaces. Such surface provides additional measurement accuracy. Accuracy is 0,5 mm/m  (0,029 °).

Special V-split on the working surfaces help to set level on the tube. Three bubble levels allow to control horizontal and vertical deviations. Levels are securely attached in the shape and stand falls from 3 m height. Plastic caps on the ends are covered with rubber for fall protection and prevention from slip during measurements on the inclined planes. It is very convenient to use the level due to the handles.


  • Two milled working surfaces
  • Light weight
  • Handles for convenient operation
  • V-shape to set on the tubes