Welding helmet ADA Helmet

Article A00354
Welding helmet  ADA Helmet

Welding helmet ADA Helmet

Article A00354


Cartridge size:  108х51х5,2 mm
Working surface of color filter:  92х31 mm
Protection against ultraviolet and infrared rays:  15 DIN
Level of darkening in workless condition:  3 DIN
Level of darkening in working condition:  11 DIN
Electric power supply:  solar battery
Power-on:  automatic
Parameters of color filter: time of darkening:  1/25000 sec, time delay of blooming: 0.2-0.5 sec.
Working temperature:  -5°С to +55°С
Storage temperature:  -20°С to +70°С
Weight:  450 g


Welding helmet ADA Helmet with automatic color filter is designed for protection yes and face against sparks, splashes and harmful radiation during ordinary welding. Automatic color filter darkens at once at arc striking and clears up when the welding is over. Color filter darkens with speed 1/25000 sec. time delay of blooming: 0.2-0.5 sec. High-technology electro-optical color filter protects eyes against ultraviolet and infrared rays during the whole process of welding.